Three Ways Dentists in Vancouver Can Respond to Seriously Damaged Teeth

Finding and working with a capable Vancouver Dentist is one key to maintaining dental health over the long term. Although regular dental hygiene at home will always help, there are many common situations where only a highly trained dentist can provide the care and attention that teeth and gums need. A quick look at some of the specialized ways by which dentists in the area often help preserve the dental health of their patients could be revealing.

Many Types of Dental Treatments That Can Easily Make a Difference

Most adults who brush their teeth regularly can count on needing relatively little specialized dental treatment. At the same time, having access to high quality care when problems do arise will always be greatly preferable to the alternative. Some of the kinds of dental treatments that can be especially important for patients include:

Repair. Healthy teeth are strong, but they always have their limits. Teeth can crack or even shatter when subjected to too much force, sometimes even from unlikely seeming causes. Whether a patient's tooth cracks when biting down on an overly hard piece of food or as the result of an accident, it will often be possible to repair the damage entirely. Doing so can allow someone to keep one or more natural teeth for many years when they might otherwise have been lost not long thereafter.

Extraction. Teeth that deteriorate overly much or suffer excessive damage will sometimes simply need to be removed. Extracting a tooth that is no longer viable can help protect the rest of a patient's mouth from problems that could otherwise develop. In some cases, a strategic extraction will also relieve a person of pain and other symptoms that could have become unbearable. While extraction is typically a last resort, it can sometimes be the best option of all.

Root canals. When caries spreads too far down into a tooth, a simple filling will sometimes not be enough of a response. A root canal can remove even the most deeply situated decayed matter in a tooth and protect the remaining material from damage.

Working Toward a Healthier Mouth

People with even the most serious problems often benefit from dental treatments and procedures like these. Anyone who is experiencing any type of dental issue should consider making an appointment with a local clinic like Harbour Centre Dental today. Doing so will often prove to be the best way not only to resolve existing problems but also to prevent additional, related ones from developing.